Dermalogica has a solution to every skin problem. With Face Mapping and Body Mapping skin analysis, our clients receive a personalised prescription that will pinpoint their skin's needs. That means faster results and the confidence that you're only using the products you need!

FACE MAPPING (10 mins) FREE - Skin analysis

EXPRESS TREATMENT (45 mins) - Basic introdutory to cleanse, tone, exfoliate and moistureise - £24

SKIN TREATMENT - based on Face Mapping (1hr 15mins) This treatment is unique to each individual client because of our professional customisation of products using botanical mixers to benefit your skin's needs - £32

AGE SMART (1hr 15mins) - Perfect for clients of all ages specially created to control the biochemical triggers that lead to premature skin ageing. Also treats sun damaged skin - £38

ULTRA CALMING (1hr 15mins) - Super soothing treatment brings relief for clients who suffer from irritated, reactive and sensitised skin - £35

SKIN BRIGHTENING (1hr 15mins) - Most effective when delivered as a series of treatments combined with a home regime. It exfoliates, improves surface clarity, helps regulate pigment and overall brightening and tonal balance - £35
Express Manicure with Vynalux polish £12

MEDIBAC CLEARING (1hr 15mins) - Perfect for adult acne and for maintaining perfectly clear skin. Purifies and detoxifies - £35

EXFOLIATING (1hr 15mins) - Helps to smooth acne-prone skin, also scarred and sun damaged skin - £35

MEN'S SKIN TREATMENT (1hr) - Cleanse, tone, exfoliate and moisturise - £30

*Students receive a 15% discount*

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